A Facebook Fool

J….Why in God’s name do you say & do the things you do?

I know, I know…I’ve often wondered that myself.

I think like virtually everyone else on planet Earth, it’s not so much about a Revolution as an Evolution. Life experience teaches us, changes us, and sometimes even “grows” us. Not always….some folks hit a hard place and they just seem to “hang” there, almost reveling in it…kinda like one big pity party, oh woe is me thing.

My Dad never made it past 50 so I’ll never know for sure just exactly he would have done with his life. He’d had his hardships, made his way, and his mind. He knew, for instance, in 1972, that working wasn’t just something you did, it’s the way you fed your kids. He went against the Union in a strike, and I’m sure that it cost him in some ways…but to the people who were most important in HIS life, “US,” he was a Super Hero.

That’s all that mattered.

I’ve faced my demons on multiple levels, and sadly I’ve never left the “mark” that he did, but I’ve just about always sailed “against the wind.”

I tried hard NOT too in my early years. I was a suit & tie guy all the way. And then I came BACK from a war that nobody wanted, a changed person. In truth, I hadn’t yet become a man. I was still a man-child in so many ways, and for a number of years my personality was subdued in some dark, secret place that even I wasn’t aware of.

I muddled through the late 70’s and most of the 80’s, just trying to sort out who I was and what I was supposed to be doing. That literally changed by the day, one day it might be radio, the next Newspapers, or perhaps good ol’ fashioned Rock n’ Roll. Wherever I felt some “love,” that’s where I went, and I banged around the dial and the Country like some Zombie, come to steal your ear for a few, and then move on.

By the 90’s I found my groove…or I thought I had. I listed into business, or perhaps it listed into me. At first I thought I’d found the Gold Mine, it turned out to be just the shaft. 25 years of being married to a job that everyone thought they wanted, but no one could manage to do, I came apart at the seams. Just literally caved in, lost my entire sense of direction.

It was said, of arguably the greatest Racer that ever lived, Dale Earnhardt, that he could “see” the air moving in front of his car….had become “one” with it. For all of those years I’d been the Sensei of my craft as well. I knew not just “when” a tide was turning, but I knew well enough beforehand to make the shift. I knew what the next “big” thing would be, and I had it warming up in the background, just ready to move.

I found, that I’d lost the ability to even CONSIDER what was next.

So I ran BACK to what I knew better than anything, Radio.

It never quite occurred to me that it would go the way it went. My original plan was to “plant” a Station, have a couple of local folks who would become the face of the thing, and I would come back to Ohio and “produce” the “sound” myself. I had all the equipment, everything I needed, and I understood HOW to be “on air” and make it click.

I created a following, built a “friends” list of people who were interested in what I wanted to do. The numbers kept climbing higher until we hit the “magic 5000” of Facebook. Meanwhile LinkedIn, Twitter and all the others kept growing as well.

This past two weeks has been just a tad bit difficult to watch. That gigantic list, all that time and effort, was literally STOLEN from me in the blink of an eye. I was sitting here texting with Judy, when all of a sudden the text screen went blank, and I was kicked off Facebook.

Now I’d heard of people being hacked before…..I’d just never really considered it. I did all of the “things” they tell you to do to prevent such a thing. What I hadn’t considered, is that the “pirate,” was Facebook itself.

We got this ominous message on “messenger” that our “conversation” had somehow broken the Facebook Rules. Really??? Two adults, (who were NOT, just to clear the matter up, talking about anything other than generic everyday life that every one of us has done a million times) just simply taken “off the air” if you will, for telling about our day.

Good thing I wasn’t being Political somehow….good gravy! You KNOW I never really talk about Politics, right?

So as we scratched our collective heads, I hypothesized that perhaps in a day, everything would be good. Maybe this was simply “Facebook Jail” or something. I’d heard of that happening.

The following day, I became disabused of that notion, or frankly, ANY notion that Facebook could give a good care about you, me, or anyone else. With 2.35 BILLION users, we are each just a number, and nobody cares. I even reached out to the Facebook Press Department, hoping that perhaps they would intervene.


So nearly two weeks later, with CONSTANT failures to be able to even have an email conversation, let alone a human connection, I decided it was time to begin anew.

And so here we are…..in Facebook Hell. Lost control of ALL of the business pages, everything. Just gone. Gone too were 5,000 “friends,” and I lost track of how many followers. Gone was our News Feed which I worked so hard on for over two years, seven days a week.

Just. All. Gone.

This is my “hard place” for the moment, but it will not, as has nothing else that’s been thrown my way in life, defeat me. I will NOT be stopped.

Twitter became my news feed. Interaction is up over EIGHT THOUSAND PERCENT (see statistics). 145,000 impressions in 28 days. I started a new Facebook Page and grew from ZERO to over 400 Friends in 48 hours, and STILL growing.

LinkedIn stands at just shy of 20,000 followers.

Radio is growing…changing….evolving….and so am I. Adapt….Overcome….Press on. WIN.!

I would like to spend just one moment, asking one thing, of each of you, PLEASE.

If you need a website. If you are Shopping for something. If you are searching for some GREAT music and entertainment…..how about giving US a chance? That ONE thing….need some bread? We sell it. Want a new computer? We’ve got it…..looking for some tunes? We’re in that business. Our team at Scott Web would LOVE to build you a website.

Scott Web is https://scottwebgraphics.com

North Coast Shopping Channel is https://thenctv.com

TSN The SuperNetwork (Radio & Television) is 24/7 at https://thesupernetwork.net

I would appreciate just a SHOT…just a CHANCE to EARN your business, your listenership…to simply BE a PART of your everyday world and life. That’s all I’m asking. We’re never going to be Amazon, but you’d be AMAZED that we CAN and DO beat them on prices everyday.

EVEN CLOTHING….Men’s & Women’s…..we can save you a TON of money….seriously.

I’m reinvesting every nickle earned into GROWING this thing….creating something that gives you OPTIONS…a small town business that DEPENDS of EARNING your business, not a Corporate Giant that rolls along like a juggernaut on a daily basis, making insane amounts of money and paying no taxes at all.

We ARE different. We CAN be the future. But we NEED YOUR HELP.

That’s ALL I’m asking, just a SHOT.

Meanwhile, here we grow….building, working hard, contributing, giving back, and making a difference.

Pretty much, had Dad lived, I believe THAT is what HE would have done, what HE would have wanted. If I accomplish a 10th of that, I’d be happy with the legacy.

Thank you….and Bless you all…each and every one of you.

C’ya on the Radio.

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