1. Where is your store? Can I come and pick an item up?
We do NOT have a physical “store.” We are a warehouse operation and we ship product globally. Using this particular business model, we can keep our cost of doing business low and we pass the savings on to our customers. Some items that you find on our site are drop shipped from vendors warehouses (especially the CCTV Products). We do that, specifically, to save in transit time since many of our vendors have warehouses on both coasts and in Canada.
2. Can I just stop by with cash?
We do not accept cash for transactions.
3. Your prices are very low sometimes. Are they real?
WHO WE ARE: We are a Direct Importer of Genuine, High Quality Merchandise. We compete with Walmart, Amazon, and other major players with a higher Quality Standard. For 24 Years we’ve been doing this and we know our way around, which deals to buy and which to let lie. You can TRUST us because we’re partners with some of the most prestigious names in the world today.
The DIRECT answer to your question is this: Yes, we are real, and so are our deals. We rarely, if ever, sell at or near retail. We price to undercut Walmart, Amazon, and E bay ON PURPOSE. We’d rather move the product and make a $100.00 then let it sit on a shelf.
4. Do you accept Pay Pal?
Yes, we are PAY PAL Certified. Use your PayPal account, or any major Credit Card and you’re assured FAST, Courteous Delivery and Service. You can also use the PAY IT LATER program, and get six months credit via Pay Pal. Pay Pal is your safest and most reliable method of payment.
5. Where is your warehouse located?
We stock merchandise of significant value, and easily resell-able. Since theft is always an issue, we do not publish our warehouse address. If you need to contact us, there is a TOLL FREE number on the website and you can always EMAIL us or use Facebook Messenger which is integrated into our website platform.
6. Who processes your Credit Card Payments?
We use Pay Pal, Square and Stripe presently..
7. Do your items have a warranty?
Virtually everything we sell comes with a Manufacturer’s Warranty. NCTV does not “improve” on that warranty in any way, nor are we responsible for warranty issues. We provide Warranty paperwork along with the product shipment, and a method to contact (usually including Phone, Email & Website) the Manufacturer directly. IF you have issues contacting one of our manufacturers, please contact us and we will assist you.
8. Are all of your items new?
95% of what we sell IS new, however we have some vendor relationships with folks who resell reconditioned or A/B grade stock. ALL refurbished product is CLEARLY marked on our website WITH the product information. If you have any question as to a product status, please contact us for clarification.
9. What is your return policy?
Our Return Policy is clearly stated on our website. Generally speaking, there is a 30 day return with full refund on everything we sell EXCEPT custom build or custom ordered merchandise such as Thermal Cameras, etc. These are NON returnable and are clearly marked.
10. How long does it take to get my merchandise?
Probably the hardest question to answer. It depends GREATLY, on which warehouse is involved. Some clothing merchandise ships direct from the manufacturer and may take 10 to 15 days. Some merchandise, like computers, will ship next day and arrive in 5-7 days depending on where you live. In GENERAL, you should let us know if you have a time issue so that we can act accordingly. There ARE priority shipping arrangements that can be made. Typically speaking, figure 5-7 days and be aware that we try very hard to keep you in the loop. We will provide tracking information the moment we have it available, and we are ALWAYS online or available by phone if you have a question.
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