Regrets, I’ve had a few, but then again, too few to mention! I did it MY WAY.

This is the LAST time I’ll discuss this subject on Facebook.

I was raised and spent 56 years of my life as a staunch Republican, running successful campaigns and following what I believed. I supported GW for his first term, and was so disappointed that by the the second term, I did not. Then along came the alt-right pushing the boundaries further and further from the Center where I’d always felt I belonged.
And then there was Donald. My old arch business enemy. Cheated me. Stole from me. Just one of those things. For ME, it was SIMPLY personal. That’s it, that’s all, and I think if any one of you had been in my shoes, you would have felt the same.
So I began writing about why I felt he was wrong for the country.
Now THAT, is the very short version, but you see, it got so much worse.
Those of you who know me, know very well that I absolutely REFUSE to be cornered. Putting me in the metaphorical corner is simply BEGGING for a fight. I apologize for that personal weakness, and I DO believe that it is one, and I’ve prayed over this begging for intervention. It HAS gotten better, I’ve learned to sidestep the corner so as to avoid it, but sometimes, it just happens.
It happened at Church.
One lady in particular, and one gentleman in particular.
The lady made a simple and yet searing statement. “You CAN’T be a Christian and be against Donald Trump.” I made the “assumption” that she thought that I was NOT a believer, because I didn’t like “her” guy. OK then.
The Gentleman called me a “libtard, wishy-washy” and something else that I simply didn’t hear because I was back peddling so as not to beat the living crap out of them in the Sanctuary. I felt THAT might be in even WORSE poor taste than their offenses. In retrospect, I SHOULD have explained to them that I was NOT a liberal, but even if I WAS, it was no business of theirs and YES, I COULD still be a Christian.
I have to admit, in all honesty, the Evangelical movement “today” has me bristling and NOT particularly interested in ANY of their (to me) nonsensical behavior or beliefs. I’m still a faithful follower of Jesus, but some of his “people” are driving me crazy.
I’ve always been Centric or Centrist. I occupy, mostly, the middle ground where things “get done”. That apparently made me a RHINO and “expendable” to the Republican Party of today. So I walked, straight to the Courthouse and registered as an Independent.
I’ve been attacked on Social Media (who hasn’t?), told that I wouldn’t know the “truth” if I saw it. I had one guy, who was NOT a veteran, who told me that I could NOT POSSIBLY have served and be against Trump. He then went on to explain that liberals could NEVER be patriots. That, believe it or not, forced me to do something I had never done. I got online at the and ordered a Veterans ID Card.
I’ve spent YEARS NOT talking about, or wearing any “vet gear.” I take the time, EVERY time, to stop and thank those who do, for their service. I’ve never, once in my life, looked for anything in “return” for having done my stint in the Military of America. It’s never been “my thing.”
I have learned several things in my lifetime.
  1. Never Engage in a Battle you Can’t win or aren’t committed to win. If it’s not “worth the time,” walk away
  2. ALWAYS win your battles, no matter the cost, if you choose to engage. Again, if you aren’t going to give all, walk away
  3. ALWAYS be ready to walk from ANY deal, no matter WHAT it is. There is NO deal, that important, that you should get “hung up” on. NOTHING, EVER.
  4. The only thing that “makes” you YOU, is what is in your heart and your head. Don’t let ANYONE else “define” you.
  5. Material Things, just don’t matter, not even a little bit. They’ll come and go, and who actually cares
  6. Be absolutely FEARLESS at everything you do, Fear is the enemy, Don’t let it own you, EVER
  7. People Matter, but don’t be afraid to show them the door if they can’t play nice
  8. You are the ONLY person in the world that KNOWS the truth. Everyone else is simply guessing
  9. Respect everyone, give them that up front, don’t wait for them to respect you first You WILL get disappointed, but it’s better YOU are, then everyone else.
  10. There is a line somewhere, that people can NOT cross with you. Try to keep “moving” that line so you become more flexible in life. However,If and when they do cross the line, walk away before you hurt someone
Yesterday, I went to look at cars. I wanted a van and I picked one out. The dealer, asked how many in my family and I told him it was just me.
You will NEVER, not in your lifetime, GUESS what I was told.
I was told that since it was just me, they saw no reason for me to need or buy a van.
I apologize, but I had NO IDEA that I REQUIRED a reason to buy a van, so I told him I’d changed my mind, I wanted a dump truck. When he asked why I thought I needed a dump truck, I told him I needed it to haul away his pile of shit.
  • Where are your Papers.
  • WHY do you need that?
  • You have to pick a side.
  • You have to be LOYAL to the President.
  • Have to, have to have to.
No, frankly, I’ve done my time in hell and I don’t have to do one damned thing you say, I guarantee it.
I am not shocked, I’m not surprised.
I posted a meme the other day that I thought was kind of funny. Surprise….there wasn’t ONE single comment that thought it was funny, I was being taken to task for my “views” so I deleted it, and I made a decision.
WHY? It doesn’t matter anymore. The lines have been drawn, we are all being herded into one camp or the other and THAT, most decidedly, is NOT FOR ME. More than that, it should NOT be America, not ever.
I don’t do well in boxes thank you very much, so I’ll just keep to myself and we’ll not ever have this discussion again.
I’m OUT of the BOX, and I can be, will be ANYTHING I WANT TO BE, and I MAY CHANGE MY THOUGHTS AT ANY GIVEN MOMENT. No one needs to tell me what to think, I’ve got it figured out all on my own. No assistance required.
I’m kinda like that, and if ME having a point of view offends you in any way, please feel absolutely free to tell your friend or their friend, but don’t bother explaining it all to me….I get it already. If you need, let me know, and I’ll send you the phone number (not mine), of someone who gives a crap.
People will wear their tin foil hats and buy into all kinds of phsyco babble, that’s ok for you, just leave it on the side of the road when you come at me, I am just plain NOT INTERESTED, NOT EVEN A LITTLE BIT.
Worse, I’m TERRIBLE at small talk…..just abysmal. Don’t bother with that either, I suck at it and I’ve no interest in learning that new skill. I can write my feelings down all day long and expound on them forever. Why bother with chit chat. More than that, life is too short. Have MEANINGFUL, ENGAGING conversations that actually MATTER and can CHANGE things, CHANGE lives.
And for the record, I’d MUCH rather walk than buy that horrid red HHR they were trying to ram down my throat. Let somebody else buy that pile of metal crap that’s not even worthy of Fred Flintstone.
This ME, doing it MY WAY.
Thank you very much.

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