The old Come to Jesus Chat

I’ve often thought that people get the wrong “impression” of (or from) me when we first meet. I tend to come off as busy and focused, and in general, not paying much attention.
I’ve been told this, so I know it must be true.
While it IS true that I’m generally pretty focused, I’m CONSTANTLY looking and listening to the things and people around me. I mentioned it today after I’d met and made a friend. I write, as most of you know, a LOT. Hundreds of thousands of words in any given week and most often, what I write is “gleaned” from something someone said or did as I passed through their space.
It might be something as simple as a word that they used, never even realizing I was paying attention….and yet I heard THAT ONE WORD, loud and clear, and it hit my writers bone (wherever the heck THAT is) and jogged loose a bunch of words that all relate in one way or another.
It might have been an entire conversation, or perhaps just something that I saw randomly and made a mental note to expound on it. There appears (to me anyway) to be exactly NO rhyme or reason to any of it, it simply just HAPPENS. The truth is, I’m not even in control of it. The more I try to put it away for some future date, the more it draws me back into that moment and whatever it meant to me, and then I find myself at the keyboard pounding out words.
Today was one of those days.
The dreaded “P” word came up. Yes, I know…the P word can get you in a world of trouble but it is also true that the P word is what drives me in my writing endeavors. I think if you take the P word out of the equation, I’d be sitting at the keyboard with nothing to say.
OH NO Uncle Bob…..YOU, with nothing to say? Thank GOD for small favors….he’s going to shut up tonite!!!
P, as I learned in broadcasting school, equals POWER, and if you really must know the entire equation, then it’s relatively simple, P=IxE. Yup….that’s the sum total of what I learned in broadcast 101. You have to go to broadcast 102 to get the answer and it’s a deep dark hidden secret that I could tell you, but sadly, then I’d have to kill you.
Ummm, NO.
In any event, I’m NOT going to bore you to tears (anymore than I already am) and explain the gibberish, but P truly DOES equal power, and in this case, Passion…..the “P” word.
My new friend today is a 71 year old successful business guy who’s had a long and storied career and is entirely happy, but at 71 (like most of us as we get, umm, older) he just doesn’t “feel it” when it comes to doing things he did 30 years ago. Hunting, Hiking, crawling around in the woods kind of things. (for the record I gave those up 30 years ago).
So how does THAT involve passion. Here’s the deal, you can feel happy but as HE said, he’d really LOVE to find something that he can feel the fire about. I was going to suggest beer but I could tell from the size of his beer belly, that he’d already tried that.
It occurred to me, in talking with my new friend, that I am truly a lucky guy. I do have a lot of passion in my life, in so many ways. I’m passionate about my writing, I am certainly passionate about radio. I truly enjoy building businesses (much more than actually running them day to day I can tell you that), and frankly, I’m passionate about getting up every morning.
Much more so than I’ve been in several years.
I’m slowly but surely rebuilding and re-branding my life, changing the things that have not worked and learning how to cope with the things that do. It’s an exciting and interesting time and I have to tell you that I’m enjoying it. My schedule is SO SO SO MUCH SLOWER than it has ever been. I’m up at 9 (in the “before times I would have been at work for hours by then), float around in my tub for an hour or so, and then as if by some magic, I’m at work at noon.
NOON? What the heck?
Ya, noon….and I kinda like it that way. Oh, I still manage to get my 8 hours in, trust me. I work till 8 pm and then, that’s it, I’m done. Only 8 hours Bob? What has happened to you?
True, 16-18 used to be the norm, but the really CRAZY thing is, I take weekends off. WHAT????
True insanity these days, taking weekends off, who the heck ever heard of such a thing!
All of this would be really great news if I was, say, 30. But I’m, umm, NOT 30 anymore. No Virginia, sadly I WAS around long before they invented Santa Claus, in fact, I was the 13th Apostle but I fell off the boat and swam to shore and couldn’t find my way back home.
You know…the BAKERS DOZEN…ayup, I invented that.
Now SINCE I am older than proverbial dirt, the reality is it takes me 8 hours to crawl from the tub to the computer to write, so there’s that….but I’m still somehow making it to the keyboard, so ya’ll just gonna have to suffer through it with me.
But it’s OK, I’m still passionate about it, and THAT is what counts folks!

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